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Dive deep into the minds of the world’s leading investors with Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA, the visionary founder and driving force behind Applied Real Intelligence (“A.R.I.”). Each episode of the “7 in 7 Show” features candid conversations with investment luminaries, unpacking their strategies, insights, and the trends shaping the future of finance. Join Zack, an acclaimed investment expert with a rich background from corporate trading to venture debt financing, as he explores the intricacies of investing with the thought leaders who are defining the industry’s tomorrow.

Zack’s unique perspective, bolstered by his extensive experience across various facets of finance—from his pivotal roles in corporate credit trading and investment banking to his leadership in venture debt investment—sets the stage for enlightening discussions that are as informative as they are inspiring. Whether you’re an investor seeking to broaden your horizons or simply intrigued by the innovations driving growth in recession-resistant sectors, the “7 in 7 Show” offers invaluable insights directly from the experts themselves.

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